About Us

Our Mission

is to provide a community of knowledge about health, eating and outdoor activity to help you enjoy a healthy and active life. Because both what we eat and how we live TODAY dictate so much of our future health and well being, we want to create a community that is conscious, interactive and informed.

The health of our bodies affects our emotional, financial, environmental and even our community health. Individual physical health, or our ability to be an active, confident and productive member of society, is the foundation of all of our lives. As we (and you) begin to teach others to eat naturally, we encourage you to help educate us and others by sharing your ideas on this website.

In this process of sharing information, we want you to be recognized for your ideas and benefit financially from them. Not everyone can publish a cookbook, but you can publish a great recipe or a list of your best week's worth of all-natural meals. As a community we can create an information tool that appeals to countless interests and tastes. We can change lives!

What Is The Earth Diet?

The earth diet is not a diet. It is a choice. A choice that can determine not only how you feel when you wake up today, but also one that may dictate how you feel when you wake up (if you wake up!) 20, 30, 40, even 50 years from now!

Even more striking, however, is that when you choose to eat foods 'from the earth', you will be eating delicious food!  And with a little creativity and planning, you will never be bored or hungry.  Above all, you will feel better.  Choosing foods from the Earth will help you weigh less, build muscle while losing body fat, and regulate your body's glycemic index.

Repeat, you DO NOT need to diet. You need to eat the right food. You need to eat what you can PICK, what you can CATCH or what you can GROW. Simple.  Foods manufactured or processed in a factory do not qualify.

"Simplicy is the ultimate sophistication (Leonardo DaVinci)."